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Top 11 Freelance Writing Job Boards

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Trying to find a freelance writing job but can't seem to figure out where to start? This seems to be a common frustration among freelance writers when getting their feet wet and locating clients.

Really, the best way to find writing work is by creating a Letter of Introduction and sending it out to potential clients/editors. This method requires a lot of work on your part, but it pays off in the end.

Job boards are the next best thing. If you've ever tried to use Monster or Craigslist, then you know they are full of scams and spam, but I've gotten lucky with finding a few clients on there. Upwork(formerly Odesk) and Guru feature many low-paying clients—with contractors that will bid much lower to grab the work. You might score a decent-paying contract, but it takes a lot of weeding to find one. Some job boards require a fee, but considering what you probably spend on coffee every month, I'm sure you can afford to spend that amount advancing your career.

What are your other options for finding writing jobs that actually pay an acceptable wage?? Well, the following list is comprised of job boards for writers. If you're new or a veteran, these boards are there for everyone.

In no particular order:

1. Problogger - It's updated frequently, almost daily. Like the name, it has a blog with helpful tips for freelancers.

2. FreelanceWriting Morning Coffee - "Start your day with a fresh cup of freelance writing jobs!" This site is updated daily with lots of jobs, excluding the weekends. You can filter according to job skills and the ad source. You're also given the option of subscribing to receive emails with new job listings.

3. Ed2010 WhisperJobs - Lots of magazine jobs available on this job board. You can follow their Twitter account to find jobs as they're posted.

4. Freelance Writer's Den - This is a freelance writer membership site created by Carol Tice. The cost to join is $25 per month. It gives you access to the "Junk-Free Job Board" and many tips and access to 100+ hours of recorded past Webinars, teleclasses, and podcasts, which alone is worth more than $100. Currently, they're closed to new members, but you can get on the waiting list to join.

5. Freelance Writing Gigs - Updated frequently and considered one of the web's better job boards.

6. ALL Indie Writers - It's not updated as frequently but lists each job and pay rate.

7. Media Bistro - It's not just for writers, but it's updated regularly. Sign up to be notified by email when a new job is posted.

8. Journalism Jobs - This job board is an excellent resource for those in journalism. It's updated daily with jobs from all over the country.

9. Writers Weekly - This website has been around since 1997. The link will take you to a list of current openings. You can also subscribe to the email list to receive listings every Wednesday.

10. BloggingPro - Frequently updated. This is a good resource for bloggers. You can find them on Twitter, where they tweet job postings as they are listed. I recommend setting up notifications for any Twitter account that tweets job listings. It's kind of difficult to keep up with them otherwise, especially if you're following 1,000s of accounts.

11. LinkedIn - This is another great resource for finding legitimate writing jobs.

Finally, even if you apply for the jobs listed on these job boards—it doesn't mean you will land the job. You still need to create your pitch, have excellent samples available, and make sure to follow the job application instructions. Don't throw in the towel if nothing works out right away. It rarely ever does! The competition is fierce. Make sure to reach out and network. Keep pushing forward. You'll find something eventually. Good luck!

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